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9 family and children friendly places in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a welcoming city for visitors and is a great destination for families with children in spite of its reputation as a city of vice. The red light district and all that comes with it is only a tiny part of a city that’s full of culture and variety as it’s all quite contained […]

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New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam 2013-2014

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As Amsterdam’s party reputation gains strength, celebrating the New Year in Amsterdam is at the top of every travellers list. This year looks to be no different with official and unofficial events taking place all over the city.  From 23.00 the Oosterdok is host to the countdown and free official firework display with traditional sing […]

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Museumnacht Amsterdam, Saturday the 2nd November 2013


Museum Night (N8) Started in 2000, the Museumnacht was inspired by Die Lange Nacht der Museen in Berlin and has since become one of the most popular events in the city of Amsterdam. It’s the chance to be in what is usually quite a formal setting but to experience a more festive and informal ambience […]

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