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Please find below some interesting information about Amsterdam.

Housing & living

Locksmith Amsterdam – You cannot enter your house anymore because you lost your keys? When you are staying at Alexanders that is no problem, but for expats who have their own house a locksmith might be a solution.

Plumber in Amsterdam – AKC is a well known plumbing company in Amsterdam and is able to help you with plumbing and clogging issues.

IKEA Amsterdam – Of course IKEA is also based in Amsterdam.

Boen Groen – Cleaning company in Amsterdam



News about the Pijp – looking for nice events and what’s going on in The Pijp? Then this is a good page to look. Alexanders Apartments is based in The Pijp. One of the best areas in Amsterdam.

News in Amsterdam – AT5 is the local news channel in Amsterdam.